Testimonials from Adults, Students, Others

Kind Comments from Student Clients and Their Parents

From the father of a freshman in college

"Thanks SO much! He came home excited about his meeting with you. He's so quiet and reserved most of the time, so it was nice to see him with interest in discussing more. This is all great info, and very much in line with my suggestions to him... much more valuable now that someone else has said the same thing."

From a high school client at her graduation party

"I owe it all to you. I had no idea what direction I was going in until I met with you."Then, from the same client in a thank you card at Christmas: "I can't thank you enough for pointing me in the right direction!"

From the mother of that client

"(Client) was so excited after her meeting with you! She feels she has a good idea of what she should be doing for careers and where she should be looking for colleges. We can't thank you enough!" Two months later, the mother called to follow up: "(Client) is doing so much better. She had been sullen and rebellious because she was feeling so much stress about applying to colleges. Now she is excited and proud of all the colleges that she's gotten into. I credit her work with you for the turnaround and am so very thankful."

From the mother of a high school senior who was very unsure about what he wanted to study in college and where he wanted to apply

"(Client) is doing so well at college studying biology. It was because of your meeting that he figured out what he wanted to study. I've referred 2 other people to you because I think you are just the best!"

From the mother of a college student with whom I worked when she was a high school senior

"I contacted Dale back when my daughter was in high school. Adolescent years can be so challenging, especially between teenagers and their parents. Dale did an amazing job of bridging that gap for us. She was a patient and knowledgable professional, and was able to provide (client) with a great deal of insight about herself and open my eyes about who my daughter is. (Client) entered Embry Riddle Aeronautical University on a full scholarship and will be graduating with her Bachelors of Science and as a second lieutenant for the U.S. Air Force. Upon graduation she is thrilled to be continuing her training for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. Both my daughter and I will be forever grateful to Dale for all her help, and I look forward to her guidance with my two boys. Thank you Dale!"

"I'm excited that even just doing that test is getting him thinking. He was curious about one of the jobs listed and Googled it. Very cool!!! I think that reaching out for help was key for him, instead of his parents trying to talk to him. YAY!!! Thanks for being so great!!" (7/18)

"I wanted to thank you for spending your time with me. It was very interesting to learn more about myself and what careers would suit me best. I look forward to this journey and am glad I had your help!" (7/16)

"I just wanted to convey my sincere thanks and let you know where my college status is since my visit with you this fall. I was very lost when I came in to speak with you, and nervous because my college applications were due in only a few weeks. You were very professional and it was easy to talk to you. The ways we analyzed different careers and my likes/dislikes were what I needed to hear. It also helped clarify exactly what I wanted to do and how I can get there. What we decided is that prosthetics/orthotics was the best fit for me. To get there, I decided that I should pursue biomedical engineering in college for the next four years and then specialize in the field of prosthetics. From there, I was admitted to 7 of the 8 schools I applied to for their biomedical engineering programs. A few days ago, I committed to Trinity College in Hartford, CT. I'm really excited to see what my future holds. Without your help, I wouldn't be here! I'm happy knowing that you can help other people in the way that you've helped me figure out my future. Thank you." (5/16)

"You were able to explain to my daughter that she was actually quite focused in her interests. She was feeling very scattered and unsure that she was capable of making a good decision about appropriate careers. Now she is so excited to realize that the answers were right there. She just needed the right person to put all the pieces together and point her in the right direction. Her self-esteem has sky-rocketed! We can't thank you enough." (9/15)

"I just talked with (son) at college and he is doing so well. It was because of his meeting with you that he figured out what he wanted to study at college. I really want you to talk to my other son because you are just the best." (4/15)

"Wow! This is so cool!" (2/14)

"I am so excited that I made an appointment with you! I guess I'm not as lost as I thought. I know exactly what I need to do and am so excited to get started." (2/14)

"Thank you soooooooo much! This has been so helpful!" (1/14)

"You have made this so easy. I didn't realize that the answers were right there and I didn't see it!" (11/13)

"I am a high school senior and am calling because you just met with a friend of mine who said that I ABSOLUTELY need to meet with you!" (7/12)

"I am so pleased that I found you. You are EXACTLY the person I was looking for to help my son!" (7/12)

"I love the way you have the Career Exploration Package set up. You are so committed to helping my daughter find her path and will spend whatever time is needed to accomplish that." (6/12)

"I just wanted to tell you how well (daughter) is doing. As you know, she was so rebellious and we were having such a hard time with her. She had no idea what she wanted to study at college, but the meeting with you just turned her around. I credit you for helping her figure it all out. Now she is so excited and proud at getting in to so many colleges. She wouldn't have known what to apply to if you hadn't helped her. I am just so thankful!" (12/11)

Kind Words from Adult Clients

From a satisfied adult client who was looking for a new career direction

"You were really instrumental in giving me some gentle nudging in this new direction. I'm somewhat temperamentally disinclined to do the sort of 'informational interviewing' and networking that I've frequently heard recommended for people seeking a career change, but I have to say that I'd be in a very different place had I not taken your suggestion to do so. I owe you a debt of gratitude, and didn't want to miss the opportunity to pass along to you the ultimate outcome of our meeting. Thanks!"

From an outplacement client

"In just a few minutes, you were able to put into words what was taking me days to articulate. The more we talked about your suggestion, the more excited I became. You are amazing! Meeting with you was the highlight of the 4 days of workshops."

From an adult client who had received a gift certificate for career counseling services

"Working with you changed everything for me. You asked the right questions that really made me think. Thank you so much!"

"Hi Dale, I've been meaning to reach out to say hi and let you know again how grateful I am for your help in figuring out the right direction for my career. My new job has been such a great fit for me. Thanks again and Happy Holidays!" (12/21)

"I wouldn't have considered jobs in this area if you hadn't suggested it. But I'm glad you did 'cause I think they are a good fit for me." (6/21)

"Thanks so much for your help and support yesterday. You gave me lots of confidence and I am working hard on all your suggestions." (2/20)

"I was so uptight about coming here, but you made me feel so comfortable. This was extremely helpful." (8/19)

"Dale, Your time, guidance and sensitivity were priceless to me today! It feels great to have taken a step in a positive direction, and having a list of tasks makes things more manageable and less big and scary! I was able to include a little extra [with my payment] and am happy to do it! Thanks again." (6/19)

From the relative of adult client, the giver of a gift certificate for career counseling

"You have helped him a great deal. For that, I am enormously appreciative. You were non-judgmental, had his interests at heart. He knew that and felt comfortable with you." (2018)

"You were the perfect person for me to see!" (10/18)

"You are just what I needed." (10/18)

From the relative of an adult client who had given a gift certificate for career counseling services

"Dale, [client] continues to flourish in his new job. He seems to have much greater awareness of what will make him successful and satisfied, and how to achieve it. Thank you again." (3/18)

"Dale, Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into my notebook. It is really comprehensive. I appreciate the pep talks as well. Thank you for the support and accountability. It seems I am in a constant need of periodic major restructuring in my life. I would love to be able to settle in and finally just be planted. Thank you for helping me get there." (3/18)

"Hi Dale, I owe you a huge THANK YOU. I was verrrrry close to calling it quits. It was your words of encouragement that motivated me to keep trying, so if any of you other clients ever dare tell you that you didn't help them, send them my way and I will let them know about the difference you have made for me." (2/18)

"You are exactly what I needed!" (12/17)

From an out of state client

"Thank you so much for your help. Without your getting me to ask myself the right kind of questions, I'm not sure whether I would have been able to find the right job for me." (11/17)

"I love your optimism and energy. I knew when I met you that this was a good fit." (Fall, 2017)

"I feel like I got so much for my money!" (7/17)

"I thought I would give you a little follow-up on one of your appreciative advisees. We met earlier this year and you had recommended an informational interview. I found a former client who was very open to questions. So I decided to go ahead with the training to hone my skills and set up a professional organizer business. I joined NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) and started my own company! I now have business cards, a website, and materials to show at my networking groups. The best part is that my e-newsletter still goes to a number of my former clients and when they saw the announcement about my new business, and said that they would love to hire me. Who knew? Best regards, and again, many thanks!" (6/16)

"You have such a great quality about yourself to explain and connect peoples' hearts and minds so they can better understand themselves and start working toward goals" (5/16)

"It's like you have a crystal ball about me! I can't believe that my life could be so clear on these pages!" (pointing to his assessment results) (9/14)

"Dale was referred to me by a colleague as a great person to help me with my job search although she was not local for me. It was so worth the 2 hour drive to meet with her. My new resume is awesome and gives me so much more confidence to apply for jobs!" (2/14)

"I was shocked to hear what my assessments suggested that I might enjoy for a career! I knew it at some level, but I wasn't aware of it. Dale was able to glean from my results the perfect career for me. I never thought of it because I considered it as just a hobby, but Dale made me realize how realistic a direction it might be for me. I was amazed!" (2/14)

"This resume is great! Now that I see all that I have done in such a nice clear way, I am so impressed with myself!" (10/13)

"I didn't want to spend the money to do this, but now I realize that I can't afford NOT to do this. It has been so valuable!" (10/13)

"I have shared with a couple of people how beneficial your services were to me and am hoping they take advantage of the wonderful opportunity you provide." (1/13)

"I appreciate your thorough analysis of, and guidance through my potential career options. I especially appreciated your ability to offer this guidance in a very comfortable and relaxed manner." (11/12)

"It has given me much to think about and a very good direction to take the next steps in my career path. The challenges I brought to the table regarding my physical limitations from injuries and my career path were met by you without any hesitation and a wonderful approach." (10/12)

"This is cool, really cool." Client from Georgia who was presented with his assessment results. All of our work was done over the phone or email. (9/12)

(Outplacement client) "I was so stuck and just didn't know what I wanted to do next. But after just a few minutes of talking with you, you put into words what I just couldn't formulate in my mind. I was amazed!" (9/11)

"You were really instrumental in giving me some gentle nudging in this direction which led to my landing this job! I have to say that I would be in a very different place after the layoff if I had not taken your suggestions. I owe you a debt of gratitude, and didn't want to miss the opportunity to pass along to you the ultimate outcome of our meeting." (2/10)

From an Adult Ed director

"Guess what? (Client) actually drove to my office from his meeting with you to THANK me for suggesting that he meet with you!"

Kind Comments from Other Clients

From a DHHS caseworker who referred a client to me

"Another outstanding job. I love the fact that you do so much research and answer their questions before they have a chance to ask them.

From the same caseworker, regarding another client: "Outstanding job!"

From another DHHS caseworker regarding a client

"I am so pleased!! I strongly believe that all this research with you is giving her the additional confidence to surpass this shadow in her life!" ... Thank you SO much, Dale."

From the same caseworker, regarding another client

"As always, I continue to be impressed with your process and thoroughness. Thanks for the detail with them (the clients)."

Various comments from Adult Education directors and DHHS caseworkers

"Everyone loves working with Dale. I told (student) that she would feel very comfortable with Dale and she would get so much out of it." (2/14)

"I knew she would love working with Dale ... everyone does." (2/14)

"If anyone could help this person, Dale can." (1/14)

Speaking about another career-related workshop with Dale ... "Life-changing is how one person described it ... very similar to how students come out of meetings with you." (4/13)

"Doing the Career Exploration Package with Dale was a life-changing experience for me!" (2/13)

"Another outstanding job! I love the fact that you do so much research and answer their questions before they have the chance to ask them." (8/09)

"(Client) is doing so well! After meeting with you, she says she knows exactly what she needs to do and feels capable of doing this on her own. This is incredible!" (8/08)

"As always, I continue to be impressed with your process and thoroughness." (3/08)