Career & Retirement Planning for Adults

Changing Careers

Are you stuck in an unfulfilling career and not sure where to turn?

You're not alone. Many people are unhappy in their jobs and don't know what to do about it. Trying to live the "American Dream" forces many of us to compromise happiness for the pursuit of money. Life is too short to end each day drained and tired as a result of doing a job that doesn't fit.

Coastal Career Consulting can help enhance your current employment or identify satisfying careers by discovering your passion, natural gifts, preferences, and talents.

Career Consulting for Adults

Second Careers

For many people today, retirement looks very different from what it did in the past. Today's retirees aren't idle. They are actively engaged in volunteering and pursuing exciting employment opportunities that allow them to work in areas they enjoy while bringing in additional income. It's never too late to explore interests, hobbies, and skills that are transferable to a new job.

By taking a look at your natural preferences and passions, Coastal Career Consulting can help you put together a second career that works for you.

Adult Consulting Services

  • Assess your interests, skills & aptitudes
  • Identify careers that match your interests
  • Match career interests with training or educational opportunities