Career & College Planning for High School Students

Plan ahead to make the best decision when selecting a college or career.

Other than a home, our children's education is probably the largest investment most of us will make. Without a career goal in mind, many students randomly select a major or a college, then discover that it's the wrong one for them and want to make a change. This may result in an additional one or two years to obtain a degree and often costs thousands more in tuition.

Unfortunately, nearly half of all college students drop out, many because of poor major selection. These students have accrued substantial debt in the process and have no degree to show for it. This experience can have a negative impact on self-esteem with consequences felt for many years.

Students who begin college with a career destination in mind typically have a more satisfying and rewarding college experience with a higher rate of completion and the ability to work in a field that is right for them. Making a small investment in your child's future today can save significant time and money later.

College Consulting Services

Career Exploration and Selection

Career Consulting for Students
  • Assess career interests, aptitudes, and values using a variety of methods including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Strong Interest Inventory
  • Explore careers that match student interests
  • Arrange appropriate job shadows or informational interviews if desired
  • Identify college majors that will lead to a chosen career or career field

College Selection and Application Process

  • Analyze academic record, SAT or ACT scores, and extracurricular activities
  • Identify suitable colleges and evaluate admission potential
  • Assist with application process for early decision, early action, or regular admission
  • Evaluate topics for college essays and offer reviews and edits as needed
  • Provide organizational help to meet all deadlines and requirements

Financial Aid Assistance

  • Assist with preparation of FAFSA and Profile applications
  • Research scholarships and help with applications
  • Evaluate financial aid packages

Let Coastal Career Consulting help your child piece together the right future.